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Data Licenses

To create a Dandiset, you must select a license under which to share the data. Because the DANDI Archive provides a platform for open data sharing, the licenses come from Creative Commons, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing, growing, and maintaining a shared commons in the spirit of open source.

These licenses enable the dataset's copyright holder to grant permissions to others to share and use the data for a wide range of purposes. The licenses available to users of the Archive are as follows:

  • Attribution (CC-BY-4.0). This license grants permission to share the data to others and to adapt the data by remixing, transforming, and building upon it, so long as appropriate credit is given to the copyright holder and any changes to the original are clearly indicated. The dataset may be used for any purpose (even commercial ones). Note that this license retains the original copyright while granting permissive access to the data to all others.

  • Public domain dedication (CC0-1.0). This license dedicates the dataset to the public domain, relinquishing copyright and therefore allowing anyone to use the dataset for any purpose without restriction.

You can learn more about the theory of how the Creative Commons licenses operate at their website. If you have any questions or concerns, send a message to