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Project Structure

The DANDI project can be represented schematically:


The Client side contains the DANDI Python CLI and DANDI Web application.

The Server side contains a RESTful API and DANDI JupyterHub.

The Dandiset is a file organization to store data together with metadata.

The DANDI project is organized around several GitHub repositories:

Repository Description
DANDI archive Contains the code for deploying the client-side Web application frontend based on the Vue.js framework as well as a Django-based backend to run the DANDI REST API.
DANDI JupyterHub Contains the code for deploying a JupyterHub instance to support interaction with the DANDI archive.
DANDI Python client Contains the code for the command line tool used to interact with the archive. It allows you to download data from the archive. It also allows you to locally organize and validate your data before uploading to the archive.
handbook Provides the contents of this website.
helpdesk Contains our community help platform where you can submit issues.
schema Provides the details and some supporting code for the DANDI metadata schema.
schema Python library Provides a Python library for updating the schema and for creating and validating DANDI objects.
website Provides an overview of the DANDI project and the team members and collaborators.